Breathe On My Soul

Breathe on my soul God. I hate being here. So void inside. Can’t feel. Running rampantly through life is never a good thing. At first it starts where you barely know¬†that you are doing it. Next thing you know you are on a trampoline running at 100 miles per hour through your own life. You are running so hard and so fast that you cannot feel or hear your thoughts. Everything¬†becomes chaotic. I am patiently waiting for God to breathe on my soul to restore peace so that I can walk in what he has for me to do. Writing this is the first step. I am just going to keep putting one foot in front of the other until I get out of this “mud”.


I Am In The Wilderness

I have been in the wilderness for some time now. Void of feelings. Existing yet not living. I know exactly what is robbing me of life. It will subside very soon. But presently I am buried beneath all the debris. The fact that I see the tide turning in the very near future is very hopeful. Thanks God for the reset that is soon to come.