The Safest Place……

As I look back over my life thus far, I realize I am truly blessed. I know there are some days that are darker than others but overall I treasure the fact that I’m covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. However, I was born with a sin nature, so I’ll naturally do some things that are contrary to my faith. But as foolish as I can be sometimes, he still looks after me.  If I am lost, he finds me. If I act unseemingly, he tugs at my heart. For everything bad I do, he’s always there to counter it with something good.

I am not saying that to say that I can live my life with no regard; but God grants us grace and mercy for such times. I  thank him for it because he doesn’t owe me anything. He gives it to me because he’s God.  I want to walk in his will because it’s the safest place to be. The power of prayer can make that happen. I do trust that the work that he has begun in me will be made manifest.


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