All I Want For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. Only a few days away and we will be celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. At least that should be the focus of the holiday. In the hustle and bustle that happens during this time, the holiday seems to have been overtaken with aspects of materialism and commercialism. It appears to be about the newest and shiniest electronics, automobiles, jewelry, toys, clothes, etc.

If we are not careful Jesus can get lost in it all.  We tend to rely on Christmas decorations and gifts to get us in the “Christmas spirit”. We create Christmas lists as personal checklists of desires ; anxiously anticipating if our requests are under the tree. I have not submitted any requests to any of my loved ones for Christmas. But I do have one request that I will submit to Jesus personally. All I want for Christmas is HIM. After all, as the saying goes, “Jesus really is the reason for the season.”


Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. It is the official holiday set aside for us to tell of all we are thankful for. As Christians, we should know that everyday is truly Thanksgiving. Or at least it should be. God has done so many things for us. He sent his son Jesus to give us salvation through his death. He gives us provision, protection, security, his love, grace, mercy, etc.

When we start to think of God and his nature, thanks can become overflowing. I want to take time today to thank God for his presence, his nature, his love, etc. I will thank him everyday because of who he is and because he loves me.