I’m Not Staying There…. I Am Resting on God’s Word

I heard God tell me what his purpose was for my life.  So naturally, I want to be about his business and move towards it . However, I recently encountered yet another setback on the journey toward God’s purpose for my life.  This is not exactly new territory for me. I have been in this place before. When this latest roadblock appeared, I felt the despair seeping in. Then I thought “wait, you know what he can do. You know what he has already done  for you. You also know what he told you. You know what he gave you to do. ” 

No matter what rocks, boulders, or stones the enemy throws on my path; I know that God has mapped out a  plan for my life. Ultimately, he is in control. I know what he has given me to do and I am determined to live and walk in his purpose for my life. I have to rest in the fact that God has infinite wisdom and he knows how to orchestrate time and events for a given purpose. 

I have to be reminded to move out of the way and let him lead. I cannot move ahead of him. I must also be reminded that there is a purification and refining process that has to take place in order to get to my purpose in God. I have to rest in the knowledge that he knows best about everything, including time. Not right now does not mean not ever. Especially when he told me what his purpose was for me.  

It becomes a matter of gaining the wisdom to see the difference between God’s truths and Satan’s lies. Satan knows the word as well and he is so subtle that  it can be easy to fall into his trap. So I am purposely seeking God through this. I can’t allow Satan to pull me away into the darkness of despair. My focus has to be about staying in Christ. My focus has to be on praising his name, in spite of my circumstances. These roadblocks are devices that Satan uses to try to knock me off of the path that God has laid for me . It will get harder and hotter along the way, but I am choosing to trust in what I know for sure. I hear Satan trying to call me to despair and discouragement. I’m not staying there. I am going to rest on God’s word instead.


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